I am as old as my mother when she had me…

This week I turned 33 – and am now the age my mother was when I was born.

So many times I have to stop and think about how old I am. In my head it is like I am still in my 20s, often I think I am 27. A work colleague last year thought I was in my mid twenties when she met me. It was nice to hear!

It is funny how when we grow up and become teenagers we want to look older than we are, then as soon as we hit our thirties we want to start looking younger!

I’ve had a few grey hairs spring up over the past year or so, they have been plucked out pretty quick. I’ve dyed my hair since I was about 18 or younger, usually various shades of red, and these days more on the black side.

So I think I will post some photographs of me – growing up.

Diane pregnant with Alex pic209Baby meMe  pic213  banana mascara

From left to right – 1. My lovely Mum pregnant with me, 2. Me probably a day old or so – full head of hair! 3. My first Christmas. 4. Probably when I was about 3. 5. My first school photo (I think my Mum still has a copy of this in her handbag) 6. Me being Nana Mouskouri

Me 6Me 2Me 5Alex cheese copyMe 1

7. Me as an angel in my infant school nativity. 8. My primary school photo. 9. Me aged about 11 at the Cotswold Wildlife Park, 10. Me around 16 for a family BBQ, 11. Me trying to look cool aged about 18.

Minolta DSCWigwamAlex Aug 5DSC_5018-sh-72Alex 4

12. Me becoming an auntie for the first time back in 2003, 13. Me in a wig – probably around 2006, 14. Me looking a little jaded in 2008, 15. My wedding day in 2011 and 16. Me these days!