A House Through Time – featuring William Nicholson

This month a new series of the BBC 2 programme – A House Through Time started. The focus of series four is on 5 Grosvenor Mount (previously the house was numbered differently as #3) in Headingly, Leeds, Yorkshire.

Historian David Olusoga presents the programme which looks at the inhabitants of one house from when it was built up to the present day. Previous series have been based in Liverpool, Newcastle and Bristol.

I caught up with the first episode of the new series this week and was interested that it was Leeds as some of my Marshall family were in the Leeds area during the 1800s. Headingly was ringing a bell somewhere in my brain and at the start of the programme I had a little wish to myself that wouldn’t it be amazing if some of my family were by chance linked to this house…

Imagine my utter surprise when they showed the 1871 census entry for the house at that time – where there in black and white were the names William Nicholson – Building Contractor and his wife Sophia and their adult daughters, Sophia, Ann and Emily. I was blown away! It also showed a photograph of William which I would love to get a copy of, and told a tragic tale of what happened to their youngest son John in 1847. The Nicholson’s would have moved to the house sometime around the late 1860s and were there for a few years before moving on to live at Burley Grange where they were living when Sophia died in 1878.

Photo: BBC/Twenty Twenty Productions Ltd/Claire Wood

I have written about the Nicholson family and my connection to them in this post here – The Marshall Family – Part Four – John Marshall 1763 – 1851. As William Nicholson’s wife Sophia Marshall was the sister of my 3x great grandfather John Marshall b. 1795.

It is a fascinating programme and if you haven’t already watched it – please do catch up with it on the BBC iPlayer – here. I am very much interested to find out more about the lives of the next set of residents of 5 Grosvenor Mount.

Did you watch it? What did you think?