Happy Valentine’s Day

As today is the day we share some love around – here is a photograph of my father’s maternal grandparents Albert Hallas and Annie Large taken around 1963 – they would have been married for around 44 years. They look happy and from what my Dad told me they were really lovely people. My father was practically raised by them as his parents both worked 6 days a week.


What I also like about this photograph is the picture you can see in the background – it was a picture from a chocolate box that Annie liked so much she put in a frame!

Albert died in the January of 1964 just under a month short of their 45th wedding anniversary.

This month my parents will be celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary, and although I know at times they annoy one another and they have gone through some pretty tough times together, they love each other very much and have always been a positive inspiration to me.

So here is to new love and old love!


2 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. What a great photograph. The photo says these are people I would like to have known. Good going on your three years of marriage. Every long journey start with those first footsteps. This year is 44 years for myself and wife. I can well remember our first steps seems like yesterday.

    • 🙂 Congratulations on your 44 years!

      By all accounts Albert was a lovely caring man and Annie had a great sense of humour. I do wish I had met more members of my father’s family in particular as sadly his parents both died before I was born and my father was an only child so most of what I know about them is from his memories.

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