My best friend

Inspired by todays Daily Prompt from WordPress asking about the origin of your best friend and what keeps your friendship so strong I thought I would talk a bit about my best friend Dom who works with me at Root to Tip.

Dom and I first met when I was 4 and he was 5. We both went to a small village school in Easton Royal, Wiltshire – so small in fact that there were just two classes, the infants and the juniors, so all ages were mixed up together which must have been a challenge for the two teachers there. We used to eat the middles of daisies (don’t try this at home kids) and my sister used to babysit him and his next oldest brother.

Here we are in our school photo from about 1985/86!


I am the one on the end of the left hand side of the bottom row and Dom is in the row behind me with the stripy blue t-shirt on! (Photo from my personal collection.)

I was only at the school for about a year before my family moved to nearby Marlborough, but it meant that I changed schools and didn’t see Dom again for quite some time. Often kids who went to Easton Royal went to one of two schools when they turned 11, Pewsey Vale in the nearby town or to St. Johns School in Marlborough. I went to St. Johns anyway as I lived in Marlborough and Dom went to Pewsey Vale. I stayed on at my school for 6th form and he went to Sailsbury College. In all that time I never forgot him, I always remembered when his birthday was and would bore my mother by telling her every year! I probably had a bit of a 5 year old crush on him at school but didn’t really realise it.

Then in 2001 when I bought my house, Friends Reunited was just starting to become popular, a website where you could get back in touch with old schoolmates or work colleagues. Dom was listed on there and I asked a friend of mine to send him a message as I wasn’t a paid up member. I expected him to not have a clue who I was, 16 years had gone by and not everyone has a memory for names and faces like I do, but I was pleasantly surprised when he said he did remember me and we kept in touch over the internet chatting almost daily. We met up a while later when he came over and stayed the night and we were up all night chatting! We’ve been best friends ever since. We have the same sense of humour, and pretty much know what the other is going to say (what we term as ‘brain tubes’). We can go off into our own little comedy world together with characters and accents and often end up crying with laughter (and me spraying a mouthful of drink everywhere usually.)

Dom was also very into family history and I had started to look into mine in late 2003 when I moved up to work for my parents in the Scottish Borders, so he would tell me what websites he used and we would often share our finds with each other and it was great to have someone with the same interest. As time went by and I discovered I had a bit of a skill with genealogy we decided to form Root to Tip, sometimes we work together for one client but mostly we have clients we do work for on an individual basis. Dom and I have also worked together in day jobs twice – once working for IBM and another time working for Zurich, it was when we were at Zurich that we did our workshops to help teach people how to go about researching their family trees.

Dom was also my ‘maid of honour’ – technically ‘man of honour’ at my wedding. He did a reading for us and was a great support to me – having me stay at his house the night before, to have a nice meal with him and his husband and generally be a calming influence! (Incidentally my husband had his sister as his best man/woman.)

Here we are on the big day!


Me and Dom at Westonbirt Arboretum in 2011 on the best day of my life! (Image from my private collection!)

Dom has lived in the same town as me for about 5 years now and we enjoy having meals around each other’s houses, meeting up for lunch at our local bistro and generally nattering away! I love him very dearly and don’t know what I would do without him!

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