Happy Mother’s Day!

Today is Mothering Sunday in the UK and so as a little nod to my lovely Mum and my Grandma here is one of my favourite photographs of the three of us together. I put this one into a nice frame for my Mum some years ago for Mother’s Day.


I got some lovely tulips and a card today and we spent some time in B&Q and Sainsburys lol – it was almost as good as our first ever date – B&Q, Mothercare, Cinema & Chiquitos.


My Mum was quite pleased today as for the first time since we were kids she actually got three cards on the same day. She even got one from my Dad (said “I always knew I really had four children”.) She loved the brooches I made for her (which you can see on my other blog.)

Incidentally in the background of the pic of my flowers (alongside a stone I painted once) there are two photos on my windowsill which relate to mothers too.


My Dad and his Mum from about 1951 or 1952.


My paternal grandfather and his mother from around 1925.

It has also made me think of some other lovely mother and child photographs I have from my family albums.


One of my favourite photos – my paternal grandmother and her mother in 1927 at Blackpool beach.


My maternal grandfather and his mother in the Brazillian jungle from around 1916!


An unknown lady and her son – my Dad thinks she might have been a friend of his Dad’s from Lewes in Sussex where he had been posted during the war. I had this photo coloured a few years ago, just looks lovely.


And I just like this one of me and my Mum – the little knitted dress I was wearing from the first photo is hanging on the back of the chair. My Mum made it for me.

So happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely Mum’s out there!


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