Adoption Story

Great post here from Dom – with also some good points to remember when wanting to trace details about your own adoption case.

The Family Mess

This article was inspired by two things. Firstly, an article I read on the BBC website this week:Longest-separated twins find each other. Secondly, this post by Alex at Root To Tip.

Adoption is often a very emotive issue, and there are arguments both for and against those wishing to seek out their birth parents or children given up for adoption. Whilst I have no direct experience with adoption – you have to go back a few generations on my father’s side before you get to any – I do have some with researching the adoptions of others.

James and Winifred Joyce (complete with shoulder cat!) James and Winifred Joyce (complete with shoulder cat!)

Back in 2008 my partner’s aunt, Annie, asked me to help her track down information about her birth family. It was late in her own life that Annie discovered she’d been adopted, when applying for a passport. Sadly, her adoptive mother –…

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