The Unknown Faces – Part 2

In the process of writing a few recent posts I came across some photographs I hadn’t looked at for a while and I have no idea who the people are. They come from my maternal grandfather’s side so could be photographs of friends rather than relatives but I will post them on the off-chance anyone out there in the world might happen upon them and recognise the places or the people!


I believe my great grandfather Harry Marshall may be in this photograph second one in from the left standing. His brother Phillip may be stood in the shadows at the back on the left and possibly a man seen in some of the photographs from Brazil with a large moustache might be in the middle behind the seated gentleman in the white hat. This could have something to do with Slack Mills.


I do not recognise anyone in this photograph. I am guessing it was taken in the early 1900s and outside of a castle. It could be that these were Harry’s travelling companions on his trip to Wales in 1905.


This could be some sort of street procession in Brazil, perhaps the flag on the right may be a clue? The old  empire flag of Brazil had a crown on top  of a crest so could well be from Brazil.

10 thoughts on “The Unknown Faces – Part 2

  1. I love the photos and know that feeling of frustration when you can’t identify the people. We should all remember to label all our photos for the future!

  2. Even with the frustration of not knowing who the people are, I have always loved mystery photos. After a while, I tend to make up my own stories for who the people are and what’s happening 🙂

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