Oh the scandal!

Today I saw the prompt from Daily Post – Modern Families.

If one of your late ancestors were to come back from the dead and join you for dinner, what things about your family would this person find the most shocking?


(Image from goretro.blogspot.com)

It is certainly an interesting thing to consider. I often discuss details with my Mum about the things our ancestors had to deal with, illegitimacy, bigamy, murder, suicide, infant mortality and we usually say that “there is nothing new under the sun.” Teenage pregnancy? Pfff – check out the unmarried ancestor ending up in the workhouse at 16 expecting a child.

But what might my ancestors be shocked about with my family? Perhaps they might not like that we don’t live close to each other, our visits are few and far between. But that isn’t shocking.

Perhaps they might not be totally happy that I’ve dug about into their secrets, uncovering things they had hoped might stay under wraps forever?

There isn’t anything particularly shocking about my immediate family. We’re all pretty normal (well normal-ish.) There are no crazy axe murderers, no dastardly multiple bigamists… But perhaps they might be a bit shocked about people living together before marriage (but probably not), perhaps they might be shocked that we might not have the same values as they did? Our modern era of equality and free speech seems like a world away.

Maybe they might not be overly enamoured with my tattoo? A lady with a tattoo? Oh no!


My tattoo – at the base of my back

Maybe I should get out there and be a bit more shocking, give them something to turn in their graves about!


12 thoughts on “Oh the scandal!

  1. If my ancestors came back to have dinner with their descendants, I’m positive it’s our dress that would give them fits. I have a lot of Mennonite, some Amish and a few Christian Reformed and United Brethren in my background. They’d probably think we were all heathens because *shriek* we go out in public with our arms and legs uncovered, to say nothing of our other parts!! Amazing what happens in just a few generations.
    PS I like your tat! How did you choose that design?

    • Ha, oh very much so!

      Thanks – I’ve always been a fan of the artist and designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh and I saw that design on a compact mirror case I think, so I took a photograph of it to the tattoo artist and he was really thrilled – made a nice change from all the kids names and crosses and dolphins riding unicorns type ones! I had it done back in 2008.

  2. Intriguing post. I think my family is pretty dull, but I think my great-grandparents would be disturbed by how much we take for granted—all the material comforts, leisure time, freedom—that they didn’t have. They’d probably think we were spoiled, pampered little brats!

  3. Intriguing thought. I have to agree with Amy, we do have it pretty easy compared to our family just a few generations back. Any of my ancestors would probably be disturbed by my lazy care of my home. Oh well, if my house were tidy, I wouldn’t know them as well as I do so it would be a short conversation. 🙂

    • Oh definitely. My parents aren’t overly enamoured if we go to theirs only to sit there with our heads down in phone land all day. (And quite right too!)

  4. I’ve often thought this. How would they feel about our way of life. I’ve often thought as well, that if I had a chance to meet one of my ancestors, which one would I like to meet? There are certainly some very fascinating and interesting people.

    • I would love to go back in time and observe my ancestors. See what sort of people they were, find out the answers to questions I have.

      To meet them, it would be hard to pick if I was only allowed to meet one. But I do have one ancestor who was apparently Irish but I have no idea where in Ireland he was from, so maybe I’d pick him and find out as much about him as possible!

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