The Family Button Tin

A family heirloom – a post from my other blog!

Fudge & Poppy

Back in 2012 when I first started to decide to give sewing another go, my Mum gave me something pretty special – the family button tin.

Button Tin

Ever since I was little I adored this tin. Full of interesting buttons of all colours, sizes, shapes, things that weren’t buttons at all. I love the patterns on it and whenever Mum had it out for anything I would tip them all out and look through them – hunting out my favourite ones before putting them all back again. Many years ago Mum had it out after a meal on the dining table and had tipped them all out, we decided that the best way to get them back in the tin was to flick them in like Tiddlywinks. A sublime hilarious chaos ensued as buttons flew everywhere, pinging off the window, the dresser, our faces… The hardest one was an oval wooden…

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