100 in 100 Complete!

Last week Findmypast completed it’s 100 in 100 challenge – where they tasked themselves to publish 100 record sets in 100 days.



This is quite an achievement, and perhaps in some ways helps to mitigate some of the negative press they’ve endured recently following their system change – that I wrote about earlier this year.

The records covered are fairly varied, from military records, parish registers, newspapers and dog licences!

The newly added collections have been great for helping me get a bit further, in my personal research and for the research I do for my clients. Certainly in terms of the Brown side of my family it has been a real boon to have access to the Shropshire Parish Register record set which had been a bit of a grey area for online records until now. To find out more about the coverage of these records – check out the details on the Findmypast website.  100in100.

Findmypast are now becoming a major player alongside Ancestry in terms of the sheer wealth of records available, spanning the world and covering so many different aspects to really help add interest and substance to your tree. It leaves some other websites like The Genealogist looking a bit like the poor relation. I’ve never really liked the format of their site, I find it clunky and frustrating and it leaves me a bit cold. But I’d love to know what other users think of it.

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog recently – in part due to being busy with research work for clients, but also because last week I went back to my old day job as a project coordinator. My research work continues – as ever. So while things are changing a little in terms of how much time I have for genealogy, fitting it around my day job, my other business making things out of felt and fabric and life in general, I will always make time for it in my life. (Especially when it is work for a client!) But it has been great to be back at my old place of work, seeing my old colleagues and settling back into it all.

Plus it is my birthday this week so I’m baking like a mad woman to bring cakes into work on Thursday!




8 thoughts on “100 in 100 Complete!

  1. Happy birthday, and I hope you enjoy the job. I hope it doesn’t interfere too much with your research. I retired in May so can obsess all I want!

    • Thanks Amy!

      Yeah I really enjoyed working there last year so it is good to be back. This past two weeks have been hectic so looking forward to settling into a better routine so I can fit things in nicely!

  2. Best wishes in all of your endeavours but don’t forget to stop and catch your breath once in a while. Life is too short to spend it up to your eye balls in work no matter how much you enjoy it. (the voice of experience talking here) Hope your birthday is full of pleasure and many frivolous indulgences, you deserve it!

    • Aww thanks Cynth. I think after tonights baking frenzy is over and done with I am very much looking forward to a relaxing birthday evening tomorrow and then a meal out on Friday with Dom & Pete.


      • More cakes than you can shake a stick at! Two types of brownies, lemon & poppyseed muffins, coffee & walnut cupcakes, cheesy muffins, pistachio cupcakes and peach, blueberry & sour cream muffins!

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