The Story of Jude Storer Part One

Recently I was looking a little further into a branch of my partner Paul’s maternal line. I had been looking at Paul’s Ancestry DNA matches and found someone connected to one line – Lock and thought I might look to see if there was anything more I could add to the tree. I had hoped that when it came to the match I had contacted coming back to me, I might have a little more information to share with them. I ended up going down a bit of a rabbit hole, but was very pleased I did.

Paul’s maternal grandmother’s parents were Harry Albert Emery and Elizabeth Mary Fanny Casulear Lock (what a mouthful!) As mentioned above, it was the Lock family I was looking at, so I was reviewing information I had on the earlier branches of the tree – working up from Elizabeth’s father George Lock, his father William Robert Lock, his father William Lock, his father Thomas Lock – to his father – also called Thomas Lock. Occasionally I will look to see what other trees on Ancestry contain and then see if I can verify the information. Sadly a lot of trees I find have errors on them, and several trees have this Thomas being born in 1725 in Lingfield, Surrey the son of a William Lock but baptised in 1728 and attributing a baptism in London found on Ancestry  which is for a Thomas son of a Squire Lock which I do not believe to be correct. I believe this Thomas was the son of a Robert baptised in Lingfield, Surrey in 1722 – but for the purposes of this blog – that is by the by. A couple of trees also had Thomas’s wife Elizabeth’s maiden name as Loving and I had not found any evidence to tie that up either.


Rather apt graphic from

From my experience researching I know that there are times when the people of Surrey will have gone into London and also Sussex as the county is surrounded by many other counties, so I cast my net a little further and located a marriage between Thomas Lock and Elizabeth Storer in Worth, Sussex in 1746 and it stated Thomas was of Lingfield and Elizabeth was of the parish of Worth. I went on to locate a baptism for Elizabeth Storer in 1717 in Worth the daughter of James Storer and his wife Sarah.


Map of Sussex from

Working further backwards I discovered James had married Sarah Sayers in 1706 in Lewes, Sussex and the marriage entry stated they were both of Hurstpierpoint, Sussex. From there I found James’s baptism in Hurstpierpoint in 1679/80 the son of a Jude Storer and Elizabeth Weston who had married in London in 1677. They had six children including James before Jude’s untimely death in 1689. Ann b. & d. 1678, James b. 1679/80, Jude b. 1681, Andrew b. 1682/3, Thomas b. 1686 d. 1690 and Elizabeth b. 1688. There may have also been a son Matthew – I found a burial in 1685 but nothing to denote whether it was an infant and no baptism to match.

Storer Lock Tree

The Lock – Storer Tree

Often the Storer surname got spelled Storey, so I had to be a bit flexible in terms of my search queries. It also tallied as Thomas Lock and Elizabeth Storer had a granddaughter named Sarah Storey Lock born in 1780. I have been really pleased that FamilySearch have images of the Sussex parish registers which helped me to locate the proper records and not rely on transcriptions, often there can be much more information on the image than has been transcribed. I was also greatly helped by Ancestry having the London and Surrey parish registers.

At the moment I know little about Jude Storer senior. I know he was baptised in 1654 in St. Dunstan, Stepney, London, son of Daniel Storer/Storey and his wife Eleanor/Ellinor. I know Daniel died sometime before December 1658 when his father – also named Daniel wrote his will as it mentions Daniel junior’s widow Ellinor and her two children, Jude and Ann. Ann sadly died in the January 1659 having been born in 1657. Daniel senior died in January 1659 in Reigate, Surrey and I know that he described himself as a Gentleman and that on the baptisms of Jude and Ann, Daniel junior is described as a Surgeon and a Barber – so a Barber Surgeon and was living in the Limehouse / Ratcliff area of Stepney. Barber Surgeon’s at this time were likely not to have been formally educated, but it is possible that given the fact Daniel senior was a “Gentleman” he may have been educated. Barber Surgeon’s would perform surgeries, blood letting, extracting teeth, giving enemas, selling medicine’s like a chemist and cutting hair. In 1745 King George II formally divided the professions of Surgeons and Barbers, by creating the Royal College of Surgeons, ensuring Surgeons were university educated.

Barber Surgeon

Barber Surgeon in the 17th Century – from

So what of the focus of this story – Jude Storer? Well I am talking about Jude junior born in 1681. I was interested in his rare combination of first name and last name and wondered what I might find out about him – and of course his father. In the end I found little about his father – apart from a couple of trees which have information for father and son horribly mixed up, but aside from the trees on Ancestry I discovered a wealth of information about Jude junior. What I found opened up a glimpse into a successful man, entwined with events in history with a great story to tell… read the rest in Part Two!



5 thoughts on “The Story of Jude Storer Part One

  1. It’s always amazing to me how far back you can go with English records. Are these all indexed for searching or do you have to go through them page by page to find all these people? Such impressive research!

    I look forward to Part II!

    • Thanks Amy – some are indexed with transcriptions. Not all areas have coverage, so for example Essex has some transcriptions but the Essex Records Office has digitised the parish registers and you can trawl through them page by page for a fee.

      Hope you enjoy Part II!

  2. Hi there,

    Thanks for such detail on the family line.
    I’ve put together my own family line which connects with Thomas Lock who was baptised with father showing as Robert Lock.

    Thomas and Elizabeth also had a son called James Lock.
    James Married Ann Walklyn in 1772 and they moved to Eynsford.
    They then had 2 children William and Mary.
    William married Margaret Hodge

    William is my great great great great grandfather.

    I’ve been collecting every birth, death and marriage certificate I can find.

    I can see you have a couple that I don’t have and vice versa. Would love to exchange copies 🙂

    Elliott Locke (ive commented on your facebook post x

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