The Marshall Family – Part One – Richard Marshall c1630 – 1692

The surname Marshall plays a significant role in my maternal ancestry. My maternal grandfather was a Phillip Fielding Marshall, and I have traced back his Marshall line to around the 1630s in rural Yorkshire. This series of posts will chart the various branches of that line starting from the earliest known ancestor from my research – my 8x great grandfather Richard Marshall who hailed from a small parish of Denby in Penistone, South Yorkshire. Penistone often spelled Peniston, lies a few miles away from the Peak District close to the border with Derbyshire and is about 15 miles away from Sheffield. Denby itself is a few miles from the village of Penistone.

Richard Marshall was likely born sometime around the 1630s or 1640s – he married a woman named Mary Crawshaw on 18th June 1663 in the parish of Silkstone, South Yorkshire, England. They were married by banns and the marriage entry states that Richard was from the nearby parish of Penistone, while Mary was of Dodworth in the parish of Silkstone.

Richard and Mary went on to have at least six children all baptised in Penistone.

John baptised 8th Oct 1665

Anna baptised 29th May 1670

Robert baptised 18th June 1672

Thomas baptised 11th March 1675/6

Lionel baptised 16th Oct 1679

Joseph baptised 13th Jan 1682/3

There is evidence of Marshall’s being in Penistone for a number of years with a mention of a William Marshall, yeoman of Denby, Penistone, receiving rent on a property in Huddersfield from his will dated 1st August 1529, in a book The History of Penistone – written in 1906 by John Ness Dransfield. That book also has a mention from details about boundaries of land from 1566 which mentions a Richard Marshall of Denby. There is a mention of a Richard Marshall in Denby on the Brearley Manor Court Rolls for 1655 – Court Baron of the “Mannor of Brearley. In the year of our Lord, One thousand Six hundred fifty & five before John Stanhop steward of the said Court. Freeholders in divers townshippes & hamletts.” It notes he was fined 1 shilling for not appearing – as was a Joanna Marshall – widow. A Richard Marshall senior is mentioned on the 1672 Hearth Tax list for Denby along with a Thomas Marshall junior.

There are also other Marshall entries in the Penistone parish registers in the mid to late 1600s which are likely to be related to this family. An earlier Richard baptised a daughter there in 1649, likely with his wife Anne/Anna who was buried in 1668/9. There was also a Thomas Marshall having children in Penistone in the 1640s and 1650s – having baptised a son Thomas in 1647 who was sadly buried in 1651, and then twins Joseph and Mary/Maria baptised in 1655/6 – where sadly Joseph died a couple of weeks later.

There were also some marriages in the 1660s for a Grace/Gratia Marshall to a John/Johannes England in 1662 and for an Anne/Anna Marshall to a Peter/Petrus Harpin in 1663.

There were also burials for a Richard Marshall on 14th Jan 1666/7 and a Richard Marshall of Denby on 22nd April 1669. A burial for a Thomas Marshall on 14th Nov 1668 who might be the father of the Thomas, Joseph and Maria mentioned above, and other burials where not much information is known – a John/Johannes Marshall buried in 1644, Isabella Marshall buried in 1671, a widow Mary/Maria Marshall buried in 1679 and a Humfrey/Humfridus Marshall buried in 1681 noted as “caleb” – latin for bachelor or single man. Also some other marriages later in the 1600s with a Mary/Maria Marshall marrying a William/Guilemus Green in 1690 and Francis/Fransicus Marshall marrying Anne/Anna Woodhead in 1697.

Given the use of the names Anna, Thomas and Joseph as the names for some of Richard’s children, and seeing some similar names in the other records, I would not be surprised if Richard was the son of perhaps the Richard who had a daughter Maria in 1649 and likely his mother being Anna who was buried in 1668/9. Thomas might have been married to the Mary/Maria who was buried in 1679 and could potentially be an uncle to Richard or an older brother or indeed cousin.

It is possible that Richard’s daughter Anna married a Nicholas Pollard in 1707 in Penistone. I have not yet found much about her brother Robert.

There is a burial in 1694 which might relate to Richard’s son Thomas – the burial also notes the following in Latin – “Servus ibid” which means Servant at the same place – there was a burial entry above him for a John/Johannes Sennior a week before who was noted as being a servant at Shephouse, so it seems to denote he worked at the same place.

Lionel Marshall married a Mary/Maria Greaves in 1714/15 in Penistone and remained there until his death in 1757. He and Mary had a daughter Sarah in 1715/6 and a son William in 1720.

I have also not found a definitive marriage for Richard’s youngest child Joseph or a likely burial, he might have moved away from the parish.

There are a couple of possible burials for Richard – one on 2nd August 1692 and one on 24th June 1722 at Denby. It is possible that Richard might have had a son Richard who the burial in 1722 relates to as there is a baptism in 1710 for a Mary/Maria daughter of Richard Marshall of Denby. I have not found any likely burials for Richard’s wife Mary Crawshaw or a definitive looking second marriage. There is a Richard Marshall noted in a list of rent payers for 1722 at Denby which likely relates to the Richard buried that same year.

But what of Richard’s eldest son John? He was my 7x great grandfather. He went on to marry Mary Batty on 11th Nov 1703 in the nearby parish of Silkstone. The marriage notes that John was of Penistone and Mary was of Silkstone. They went on to have four sons all in Denby, Penistone:

John baptised 14th March 1705

Thomas baptised 20th April 1707 and sadly buried 5th June 1709

Joseph baptised 8th Oct 1710

Thomas baptised 29th Dec 1712 and sadly buried 15th Oct 1718

Not much more is known about John and his wife Mary other than these few parish register entries. John was buried on 11th February 1727/8 in Denby. I have not found a burial for Mary but there is a possible second marriage with a marriage entry on 8th April 1729 between a Mary Marshall and a Nathaniel Beaumont. No further details are given to further note whether she was a widow or a spinster. There are no children of that couple baptised in Penistone or nearby and no burials in the parish for him or a wife or widow of Nathaniel Beaumont.

John and Mary’s son Joseph probably married a Bridget Dobson in 1735. A Joseph Marshall is noted in a list of voters in Penistone in 1741. It looks like Joseph and Bridget had a son Joseph in 1737 and a son Richard born 1744 and buried 1745/6. Joseph senior was buried in Denby in 1763 and his wife Bridget was buried there in 1771.

John and Mary’s eldest son John was my 6x great grandfather. He went on to marry Elizabeth Walshaw in Silkstone on 12th February 1727/8. They are noted as being both of the parish of Silkstone so John likely moved there prior to their marriage. John and Elizabeth had 10 children all baptised in Denby, Penistone:

Sarah baptised 2nd Feb 1729/30

Susannah – no baptism found but buried 26th April 1732

John baptised 18th Nov 1733

Thomas baptised 18th July 1736

Edward baptised 4th Feb 1738/9

A daughter baptised 25th Sep 1743 – the name is not legible as part of the page is missing. She could be called Eliza.

William baptised 22nd June 1746 and sadly buried 17th Feb 1747/8

Nancy baptised 4th Oct 1748

Hannah baptised Jan 1749/50 – the actual day is not clear on the parish register

Charles baptised 22nd Oct 1752

Again there is not much information about John and his wife Elizabeth, details about his occupation etc. John was buried at Denby on 22nd April 1787. I have not found a likely burial or remarriage for his wife Elizabeth.

It is possible that their daughter Sarah was mentioned in the book The History of Penistone – there is detail about servants of a Mr Godfrey Bosville of Gunthwaite from a Housekeeping Book – in 1740, one named Sarah Marshall was paid £2 10 shillings a year. Or this could relate to Lionel Marshall’s daughter born in 1715/6. A Sarah Marshall had an illegitimate son William baptised in Penistone in 1757 – the reputed father’s surname seems to be Holden.

John and Elizabeth’s son Thomas does not appear to have married or had any children, he was buried at Penistone in 1783.

There is a marriage in 1764 between an Eliza Marshall and a John Sykes, and a John Marshall is a witness to the marriage, so this could potentially relate to the illegible baptism of a daughter of John Marshall from 1743.

There is a marriage for an Ann Marshall who could relate to either Nancy or Hannah to possibly a man named Timothy (the name is hard to read on the marriage entry including the surname) in 1777.

The Marshall family tree – the generations from my 8x great grandfather Richard Marshall, my 7x great grandfather John Marshall and my 6x great grandfather John Marshall and their families as mentioned in this post.

My next posts will concentrate on what became of John and Elizabeth Marshall’s sons John, Edward and Charles, starting with John.

11 thoughts on “The Marshall Family – Part One – Richard Marshall c1630 – 1692

    • Thanks Amy. Yes, it is great to be able to get that far back, just wish I had more definitive information to take it back further to know who Richard’s parents were and details of the women that married into the Marshall family too. I have some for Elizabeth Walshaw but not so much definitive information on the other earlier wives.

  1. My Name is Pauline.
    I am a direct decedent of the Marshalls from Yorkshire.
    For me to start my tree. I paid Legacy Tree Genealogist in UT-Salt Lake City UT.
    I start with my Great Grandfather
    William Marshall was Born in 1841 married Elizabeth Fowler. I have Williams’s birth certificate
    Thomas Marshall was Born in 1813 married Elizabeth Darnbrook1831-146 age 33.6 children He also married Sarah Johnson Born in 1815 they had 2 children
    Richard Marshall was born in 1787-1819 age 32 married Elizabeth Dixon. Elizabeth married twice 2nd husband was Thomas Greenwood. Richard died young
    William Marshall was born in 1760 married Mary Crashaw. Willaim and Mary married on the 19 July 1784 at Badsworth Yorkshire they had 2 children
    Richard Marshall was born in 1721 married Sarah Lee they had 5 children
    Richard Marshall ?????
    I was wondering if we are doing the same tree.
    Kind Regards
    Pauline Marshall Eastman (nee Stubbs) my mum gave me the middle name Marshall

    • Hi Pauline – nice to hear from you. It is entirely possible that going back there may be a link. Have you ever done an Ancestry DNA test? As if you have I could see if I can find you as a DNA match to my Mum’s results?

    • Hi Pauline. I have checked my Mum’s DNA matches and cannot find you as a match. I have also searched all publicly available trees that have your ancestors on and none of those users have a DNA match with my Mum (either no match or never taken a DNA test) – so it might be that there isn’t a connection or that it is too far back for a decent DNA match to come up in the results.

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