The Marshall Family – Part Five – the other children of Edward Marshall

One of my previous posts talked about my 5x great grandparents Edward Marshall and Sarah Hattersley, my last post focused on their eldest son John – my 4x great grandfather. This post will discuss what became of their other children, George, Thomas, Jonathan, Charles, Sarah and Elizabeth.

Tree of Edward Marshall and Sarah Hattersley

George Marshall – born in 1765 who we know from the last post, was his father Edward’s sole executor and was the only one of his children to be mentioned in the will. He married Ann Jones at some point prior to 1800, there is a possible marriage in 1789 in Ashbourne, Derbyshire. While in Ashbourne they seem to have had a daughter Ellin in 1791. The next record is that of a baptism of a daughter Sarah in Silkstone in 1800, then a daughter Elizabeth in 1801, a daughter Mariah who was born and died in 1803, Edward in 1804, Harriet in 1806, Jonathan in 1808 and finally Ann in 1810. However George suffered a series of losses in the year 1810, first losing both his daughter Sarah and son Jonathan – buried on the same day – 12th April 1810 and at some point also his wife Ann. I have not found a burial as yet but in 1811 George went on to marry again to Sarah Chappel. The marriage entry doesn’t state whether or not George was a widower though. It does not look like George and Sarah had any children together. The year after their marriage George lost his young son Edward. Some of the parish register entries show that George was a Miner and was living in Handlane and Sim Hill in Silkstone, although the baptism for Sarah and baptism and burial for Mariah and baptism of Edward states he was a Butcher. George was buried in November 1823. He did leave a will but I do not have a copy of it to know the details of who he may have left his estate to. There is a burial earlier in 1823 for a Sarah Marshall but there is a will that seems to match up to that entry denoting she was a widow of Crane Moor Nook so not George’s wife.

George’s brother Thomas born in 1767 seems to have potentially married twice in a short period of time. There is a marriage in Silkstone between a Thomas Marshall and an Elizabeth Bell in September 1807, but then there is a marriage to a Sarah Badger in Silkstone in October 1808 – George Marshall was one of the witnesses. There are no burials in Silkstone for an Elizabeth Marshall between 1807 and 1808 and no baptisms of children for this couple during that period or later so that is a bit of a mystery.

However Thomas and Sarah went on to have two children, John in 1809 and Jennet in 1810. Thomas was a Miner like his brother and was also living in Handlane. Sadly Thomas didn’t live much longer after the birth of Jennet as he was buried in Silkstone on 1st November 1810 and was noted as being a Miner from Sim Hill. I do not know what became of Sarah – it might be that the burial in 1823 and will found relate to Thomas’s widow.

Edward’s son Jonathan born in 1770 has a very short story. He married Mary Senior in Wakefield in 1798, I do not know if she was related to Sophia Senior who married Jonathan’s brother John but it is possible she could have been a cousin. Jonathan and Mary had a daughter Mariah in 1802 – her baptism notes that the family were living in Wakefield and that Jonathan was a Butcher. Sadly Jonathan died a couple of months before Mariah was baptised – he was buried in June 1802 in Wakefield and noted as being of Westgate Moor and aged 31. Two years later his daughter Mariah was buried in Silkstone. I do not know what became of his widow Mary.

Charles is one of the children I know nothing about other than his baptism in 1773. He does not appear to have been married or buried in the Silkstone area. It is possible he may have gone further afield.

Charles’s sister Sarah born in 1775 seems to have married Thomas Pearson in Silkstone in 1808. I have not found any baptisms of children for this couple in Silkstone or the nearby area, or any burials. Again they may have moved away from the local area.

The final child of Edward Marshall and Sarah Hattersley was Elizabeth born in 1777. She was also my 4x great grandmother, as mentioned previously I am descended from Edward and Sarah in two ways due to cousins that married – detailed in a previous post Kissing Cousins. Elizabeth married a John Gillings in Silkstone in 1798. I believe John was from Hooton Pagnell. Elizabeth’s brother Jonathan was a witness to their marriage and in turn John Gillings was a witness to Jonathan’s marriage the same year. John and Elizabeth had just two children – Sarah baptised in 1800 and Mary baptised in 1802. Sarah’s baptism states they were living in Handlane and Mary’s states they were living in Barnsley, both give John’s occupation as Labourer.

John seems to have died at some point between 1802 and 1814 as Elizabeth remarried in Sheffield in February 1814 to a William Chapman. They were both widowed. Elizabeth went on to have a daughter Hannah in 1815 who was baptised at an Independent Chapel in Sheffield but noted as being of Thurgoland – in Silkstone. William likely died sometime before the 1841 census as Elizabeth appears with her married daughter Sarah Hampshire at Crowthorn, Ashton under Lyne, Lancashire. Her occupation looks like “Ind” i.e. of Independent Means. She died a year after the census on 7th June 1842 aged 65 noted as the widow of William Chapman, Coalminer. Her cause of death was given as Old Age and the informant of her death was her daughter Sarah Hampshire.

We know from the details above that Elizabeth’s daughter Sarah’s married name was Hampshire. She had married James Hampshire, a Carter in 1821 in Silkstone and they had at least eight children, the first two were born in Penistone, Martha b. 1821 and David b. 1823 before they moved to Ashton under Lyne where the rest were born, Jane b. 1826, John b. 1828, Samuel b. 1830, James b. 1833, Charles b. 1836 and Robert b. 1839. Sarah died in tragic circumstances in August 1861, she was buried under debris when a boiler engine exploded which destroyed her house. She died the following day. There was an extensive inquest held into the incident and eventually the jury returned a verdict of accidental death. It was reported in the local paper. Her widower James died nine years later in 1870.

Elizabeth’s other daughter Mary was my 3x great grandmother who married John Marshall in Ashton under Lyne in 1824. They had several children, Sophia b. 1826 d. 1844 – her aunt Sarah Hampshire was the informant of her death when she died of Scrofula of the Hip Joint when she was just 18, Sarah b. 1828, John b. 1832, Jennet b. 1834, Susannah b. 1839 and Elizabeth Gillings b. 1843.

As previously written, Mary’s husband John was her first cousin, born 1795 the son of Edward Marshall’s eldest son John b. 1763. He was a Watchman in a Factory around the Ryecroft area of Ashton, and later became a Farmer in Slate Edge, Audenshaw. He died in 1858 and Mary eventually moved in with either her daughter Susannah or her daughter Elizabeth in Bolton in the late 1880s where she died in 1888 following a fall down the stairs.

Mary’s daughter Sarah married a William Berry in 1850 and they had four children, Elizabeth b. 1850, Mary b. 1852 d. 1859, John Thomas b. 1855 and Frances b. 1858. William died in 1860 and she mostly lived with her mother. She died in 1905 in Ashton.

Mary and John’s eldest son John b. 1832 was my 2x great grandfather. He had first married to a Nancy Andrew in May 1864 but she sadly passed away in the November that year of TB. He went on to remarry in 1869 to Mary Fielding and they had three sons, Philip b. 1870, John Nicholson Swift b. 1874 and Harry b. 1876. John and Mary settled in Hyde in Cheshire where he was an Overlooker in a Cotton Mill. I have written posts about his son Philip who went on to become a wealthy Mill Director and about his son Harry – my great grandfather who married Mary Swann in 1908 and had one child – my maternal grandfather Philip Fielding Marshall b. 1911. John and Mary’s middle son John sadly died when he was 10 years old of Meningitis. You might recognise his two middle names of Nicholson and Swift as they relate to his grandfather John Marshall’s two sisters married surnames – Sophia Marshall who had married William Nicholson and Jennet Marshall who had married John Swift. John died in 1887 and his widow Mary continued living in Hyde until her death in 1906.

John Marshall b. 1832 and his wife Mary Fielding taken circa 1886 and their son Harry Marshall and his wife Mary Swann and their son Philip from 1916 – both photographs from the author’s personal collection.

John and Mary Marshall’s daughter Jennet b. 1834 married a William Johnson in Ashton in 1857 and they had six children together, Frances b. 1858, Mary Elizabeth b. 1860, John Edward b. 1862, Janet Sophia b. 1862 d. 1863, William Henry b. 1865 and finally Jennet Helena Marshall in 1868 – sadly her mother died likely due to complications from childbirth as her death was registered in the same quarter as her daughter’s birth. Her widower William didn’t hang around too long to remarry – and actually married Jennet’s youngest sister Elizabeth Gillings Marshall in 1869 in Bolton, this wasn’t technically legal to marry your dead spouse’s sibling. They had four children together, making their combined children both siblings and cousins, Eda b. 1870, Ernest b. 1874, Bertha b & d 1876 and Beatrice b. 1882. Eda had an illegitimate daughter Amy who was born and died in 1889, she never married. Ernest married a Bertha Morris and they had one child Marshall Johnson b. 1910 but he died in 1911 and they do not appear to have had any other children. Beatrice never married. William Johnson died in 1899 in Bolton and Elizabeth died in 1916 in Thornton Cleverlys, Lancashire.

John and Mary’s other daughter Susannah never married and lived in Bolton, she was a Nurse. She died in Bolton in 1906.

As for Elizabeth Marshall/Gillings/Chapman’s other daughter Hannah b. 1815, I can find no trace of her other than her baptism. I don’t know if she survived infancy or got married. If she did survive infancy it is likely she would have moved to the Ashton under Lyne area with her mother, and given that Elizabeth’s other two daughters were in the area in the early 1820s then it is likely Elizabeth and Hannah may have moved there around the same time or in the 1830s. There is a possible burial in Wakefield for a William Chapman in 1836 – aged 62 with the residence given as “Asylum”.

Tree of John Marshall and Mary Gillings
Tree showing descent down from Richard Marshall down to the author’s maternal grandfather

My last post in this series will focus on Edward Marshall’s last brother Charles b. 1752.

4 thoughts on “The Marshall Family – Part Five – the other children of Edward Marshall

  1. OH, my—those repeating names must drive your crazy—George, John, Thomas, William, Sarah, Elizabeth. Are there certain naming patterns for English families? Or did people just keep selecting the same handful of names (kings and queens, perhaps?)

    • I just think people were a bit lazy with names. We don’t have a set naming pattern in England, not like the Scottish do. I think that people just weren’t that imaginative! Usually mostly saw different names in nonconformist families where they went for more out there biblical names. Give me a nice Obediah or Kerrenhappuch any day!

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