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Root to Tip is a genealogy research company started in 2008 by two friends – Alex & Dominic. In 2017 Dom went on to work for a local heir tracing company in Wiltshire for about a year before moving on to other things, so Root to Tip continues with Alex at the helm. Alex has over 18 years of experience in the field of genealogy.

Based in Wiltshire, UK Root to Tip specialises in researching Wiltshire ancestry, being within easy reach of the Wiltshire and Swindon Records Office, however we are not just limited to Wiltshire research as can research roots all over the world.

Alex uses this blog to talk about ancestors on her and her husband’s tree to show that research shouldn’t just be a list of names and dates and to share interesting titbits. It is also used to provide guidance and information about the types of records you can use to help with researching your own family tree. We have a website too – do pop over and take a look!

We are genuinely interested in your research, we get absorbed and enjoy every minute of it. We work to your budget and can work out packages to suit you. Just send us a message.

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